Intercultural Training (Jap./Ger.) for DFG-funded IRTG „Energy Conversion Systems IGK 2495“

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Prof. Fabian Schäfer and Tamara Fuchs were successful in receiving funding from the DFG and FAU to provide intercultural training and evaluation for the IRTG „Energy Conversion Systems IGK 2495“. To this end, we have developed a condensed preparation course custom-made for the IRTG doctoral researchers who are going to Japan for a longer research stay. By that, we make sure that the doctoral researchers are prepared for living and working in a new country. We are also providing language support as well as culture and working environment related guidelines, and the training aims to deepen the recognition of how differences in values can result in differences in patterns of behavior, working style, or the way of conducting international research projects. This training should help prevent culture shock and ease the transition process as well as develop intercultural communication skills.