2017-2019: EFI-Project: Exploring the “Fukushima Effect”: Attitudes and opinions towards nuclear power and renewable energy and the emergence of a transnational algorithmic public sphere

Der Lehrstuhl Japanologie mit dem Schwerpunkt Japan der Moderne und Gegenwart ist Teil des durch EFI geförderten Projekts Exploring the “Fukushima Effect”, das interdisziplinär durch die Philosophische Fakultät der FAU durchgeführt wird.

The digitalization of society and media systems has had a major impact on (political) discourses and the formation of public opinion. The purpose of this project is to investigate the transnational algorithmic public sphere, a complex phenomenon that has arisen in an era of globalized mass media and social media connectivity across national borders. An interdisciplinary combination of computational linguistics, network visualization, intercultural hermeneutics and communication science enables us to analyze and map the processes underlying this phenomenon. The project addresses the current political discussion on nuclear power and renewable energy in Germany and Japan following the Fukushima accident.